Know what your phone is worth?

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You could be sitting on cash—and no, we don’t mean your wallet. Truetap makes it easy to discover the current value of your phone. What’s yours worth? Get an accurate estimate now. Then view available offers from vendors and choose your best option.

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How it works

  • Install the app—it’s easy and risk-free
  • Run a quick, accurate assessment to determine device condition
  • View offers and choose your best option
You want the best possible deal on your mobile device, which means knowing its true value. Trade in your phone now, or wait until later— with truetap, the power is yours.


  • Q: How is truetap different from other device buy/sell marketplaces?

    A: Truetap doesn’t buy or sell your phone. Instead, we show you the best offers available to you, so you can make an informed decision about where to sell or trade in your device. It’s quick, easy, and no risk—you decide if, and where, you want to sell your phone!
  • Q: How does truetap determine the market price for my phone?

    A: We research the value so you don’t have to! We collect prices from the most trusted vendors, including retailers, carriers, online stores, and partners in the wireless industry. When you install truetap, the app runs a quick diagnostic on your mobile device. Once the diagnostic determines the condition of your device, we match an accurate price from the marketplace with the condition of your phone. These market prices are for devices that are eligible for selling or trading in to any third party.
  • Q: My phone has some non-working functions or physical damage. Can I still sell it?

    A: It’s okay if all the functions don’t work perfectly. Truetap identifies which functions work and which don’t to determine the sale value. If the phone is physically damaged, it’s still possible to sell it, but the value will depend on what the app finds along with vendors’ pricing thresholds associated with physical damage. You may be surprised, though—the diagnostic might show you a higher value than you believed your phone was worth!
  • Q: I may not sell right away. Will my phone’s value stay steady?

    A: The value of a phone tends to decline over time. In the truetap app, you can refresh the prices to see current prices on offers for your device.
  • Q: How long will it take to sell my phone?

    A: It depends on the vendor you choose and the form of payment associated with the offer you select. You can sell your phone now if you own the phone and the phone is not under any contract. You must be eligible to sell or trade in your device to any third party to take advantage of these offers.
  • Q: How do I get paid for my phone?

    A: When the diagnostic is complete, truetap shows you a list of available offers. When you select an offer, your next step is to go to either the physical store or the website of your selected vendor to trade in your device. Your chosen vendor will pay you for the device when they receive it. The form of payment is also determined by the vendor. Most vendors pay for devices either in gift card, bill credit or cash.
  • Q: Do I have to ship my phone somewhere?

    A: It depends on the vendor and the offer you select. Some vendors require you to ship the device in a prepaid box. Other vendors have retail locations to trade in the device. You can select the most suitable option for you using the truetap app.
  • Q: Do I need to deactivate my phone before the sale?

    A: No, but you should back up your personal information, reset the device and remove the SIM card (if any) before sale. Typically, used devices are restored to factory condition, which includes wiping all user data. But vendors may have different handling processes. So it’s always advised to first back up your device data and then delete all the data from the device before trading it in. Most devices have the “Restore” option in the device “Settings” application that allows the user to simply delete all the data and restore the device to factory condition. We recommend using this option before selling or recycling your device.